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How do I get started with using your collection agency?

Before using a collection agency, ensure done everything possible to resolve internally (and timely).

First, be sure you have sent statements and invoices. A best practice is sending monthly statements for 3 months, then sending a final demand letter.

Second, try another mode of communication. If you mailed the statements, email if possible. Make a final phone attempt if possible.

Lastly, if you are ready to get started, gather documentation. We will need details on the consumer (demographic information), information on services and costs, and details on when this was last communicated.

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What are some best practices I can use to NOT need a collection agency and collect internally?

Sending a customer to collections should only happen after you’ve done everything possible to resolve internally.

Some best practices that will increase internal payments:

  1. Send statements and invoices monthly for 3 months.

  2. Send a final demand letter after 3 statements.

  3. Make attempts to connect with the consumer in another way; emails, phone calls, or text messages.

  4. Ensure you have documentation that protects you financially and this is shared with the customer. This may include financial responsibility agreements, engagement letters, terms and agreements, or another type. Have the consumer sign and date all documentation.

If you have tried to resolve internally and are unable after 4-6 months, it may be time for our assistance. Contact us to learn more!

How long should I wait before sending a customer to collections?

In short, don’t wait too long!  If you have sent 3-4 monthly statements, reached out in another way (phone, text, or email), and still haven’t been able recover, it’s time to use assistance from a collection agency.

Another way of thinking is outcomes. If the consumer has made a promise to pay but did not follow through or is not responding to your communications, it’s time to use assistance from a collection agency.

Waiting months, hoping for a payment or fulfillment of a promise, can decrease the likelihood of payment recovery.

If you have tried to resolve internally and are unable after 4-6 months, it may be time for our assistance. Contact us to learn more!

What is empathetic collections? Does it work better than other collection agency methods?

Empathetic collections is the art of resolving past dues without harsh tactics. It involves asking questions and listening to the response with the intent to provide resolution options that suite the consumer while benefiting the business. Staff use respect, kindness, and establish rapport with consumers. This method increases recovery and protects the brand integrity of your business.

We have seen recovery rates double to triple the industry average when empathetic collections is paired with our innovative technology!

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What tools do collection agencies use that I may not have available in my business?

A collection agencies priority is to connect with consumers to resolve outstanding balances for their clients. Tools that assist in this work include the ability to find contacts (phone numbers, current address, etc.) and multiple ways to communicate (phone, texts, emails, etc.). Other important tools include the ability to offer many payment methods (one-time, payment plans, etc.).

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How to improve the communication in your statements

Improving your Patient Statements to increase payments

Looking for ways to increase your internal payments and decrease your need for collections? Try these quick tips to improve your statement process:

1. Ensure each statement looks different. If the email is the same subject or the statement is just another copy, they may ignore it like the previous one.
2. Share how you can help. If you offer payment options, let them know!
3. Provide escalation language. If this is the second, third, or final attempt, be sure that’s obvious.
4. Clear communication on what happens next. Last attempt before collections? Let them know!

Your goal is to assist and encourage the patient to pay internally. It’s important to let them know!

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