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Healthcare Collections

Bad-Debt Collection Stage

We are the last step in patient past due resolution.

We understand recovering patient payments impacts your healthcare business’ bottom line. However, there needs to be a balance between recovering past dues and maintaining great customer service.

Our goal is to engage with your patients with the communication channel they prefer and use respectful awareness to resolve their balance.

What Is Healthcare Debt Collection?

You’ve done all you can to resolve the debt internally; we are the end of the healthcare revenue cycle and it is our responsibility to take the positive patient experience over the finish line. Our expert team will take over your collection fully, while maintaining your brand and level of customer service.

When patients become significantly past due in your office and are deemed “delinquent,” we step in as a debt collection agency specializing in healthcare.

Empathetic collections involves sending a letter to the patient from our office, communicating through regular phone calls and other methods, and resolving past dues through multiple payment options.

Our team communicates with your office through monthly remittance and 24/7 transparent reporting showing our efforts and success.

The Results

Resolution of past due accounts that brings a consistent and constant cash flow to your office.

Real People

Our staff are real people making real phone calls, utilizing empathy and respect and complying with HIPAA regulations.

Impact: Your patients are supported every step of the way.

In-House Technology

We’ll utilize our consumer portal, client portal, update patient demographic information, and remain transparent in sharing our efforts and results with you.

Impact: Your business is efficient and effective, and payment options are made easy for patients of all ages.

Healthcare Collections

Traditional Debt Collection, infused with empathy and technology.

We’ll begin connecting with your patient when their account is 90–120+ days past due.

When empathy and technology are infused into debt collection, resolution happens more often and with your brand integrity intact.

Impact on Your Business

Long-term, predictable cash flow to your business, a partnership without your staff’s time and effort, and expert handoff and continuity.

Looking for a full-service approach to oversee the entire patient collections portion of your revenue cycle?