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A Nurse-Owned Healthcare Collection Agency

The patient collection experience is the heart of our company & workflow design.

At Beyond Green Solutions, we help your business recover patient payments throughout the revenue cycle, using empathy and industry-compliant technology, until the last dollar is collected.

How We Help You Thrive

We provide the people and technology to collect with empathy so that all you focus on is your care.

Our team consists of nurses and healthcare workers, those who have been at the patient’s side while receiving care, and are uniquely adept at navigating a positive patient experience until the end of the receivables cycle.

medical debt collection agency

Who We Are

Who We Help

Real People

Our staff are trained in empathetic collections, with the goal to connect and collaborate.

Impact: Your patients are supported every step of the way.

In-House Technology

Technology enables us to locate patients, connect with them timely, and provide multiple methods and options to resolve their debt.

Impact: Your business is efficient and effective, and payment options are made easy for patients of all ages.

Tech Services

What is keeping you from getting started? Our tech team has experience in multiple billing systems and can extract data, assist with conversions, and/or set up system integrations.

Impact: Quick and direct cash flow to your business, without compromising on what your team is already focused on.

Our specialty is the patient experience in healthcare billing.

Our goal is to create a smooth cashflow process—for everyone—from the beginning to the end of the patient revenue cycle. We do this through patient empathy and strategically-utilized and user-friendly technology solutions.

medical debt collection agency

We'll meet your patients where they are.

We become an extension of your team, connecting with your patient to give them the opportunity and options to resolve their balance.

Your team has done all they can; we take over the collection fully, while maintaining your brand and level of customer service.

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Modes of Communication

Our team will utilize letters, emails, phone calls, voicemails, text messages—because the path to recovery is different for every person. By having multiple methods of connecting with patients, we can resolve balances more efficiently.

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Recovery Rate

Our team’s use of empathy, technology, and frequent and varying methods of communication creates more opportunities for connection, and ultimately, resolution with your patients.

I am the Billing manager for an anesthesia group. [Beyond Green Solutions’] communication is excellent, and they are great to work alongside. I am very happy we chose this company, it has been a huge help in recovering past due balances, as well as recent balances.

Crystal M.

I encourage any medical practice and/or physician to consider partnering with Beyond Green Solutions (BGS); they are the experts in recovering any past debt and/or in identifying ways to increase your cash flow.

Lucia C.

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