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Using Your Ethos To Collect Past Dues

Have you provided a good or service to a customer who is now slow to pay? Are your outreaches of additional invoices, phone calls, and more proving unfruitful? Maybe it’s time to up your ETHOS! Ethos is defined as “the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution” (Ethos […]

Why Should You Outsource Past Due Follow Up?

Functional sourcing is a common practice in start-ups and established businesses. Functional sourcing “is the contracted agreement to conduct specific individual job roles by an organization for another organization” (Functional sourcing – Wikipedia).  Functional sourcing allows businesses to scale up without hiring additional staff (don’t forget benefits, on-board training, office space, etc.), find a larger […]

How do I get paid after a Charge-back?

A charge-back is a credit card payment reversal from a retailer to the credit card company.  Charge-backs typically occur when an item is returned, or a fraudulent or disputed transaction occurs.  But what happens when the business believes they are owed the funds for the good or service (i.e. not returned and not fraudulent)?  How […]

Can Nonprofits Utilize Debt Collection Agencies?

The short answer? Yes. Nonprofits cannot support their mission, vision, and goals to help others without payment for services.  Although promise-to-donate patrons who do not follow through are not in a legally-binding commitment, those who are given something in return for their money are. Examples may include event tickets or sponsorship listed in a program.  […]

How to Hire a Collection Agency – 5 Things to Look For

Want to ensure your business’ reputation is not tarnished by misaligning with the wrong debt collection agency? Here are a five quick tips to weed out the weeds! Review the list below to help you hire a reputable collection agency. How to Hire a Collection Agency – 5 Things to Evaluate Aligning with businesses that […]

What is Empathetic Debt Collection?

All Third Party Debt Collection agencies must follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Regulation F, and other requirements to prevent unfair, misleading, abusive and harassing communications with consumers.  Beyond Green Solutions is committed to not only following these guidelines but goes beyond to ensure empathetic practices are utilized by adhering to ACA International […]

How to Collect Unpaid Invoices – 4 Actionable Tips

When entrepreneurs and business executives plan their sales and services, they likely imagine new, exciting products to offer existing and potential customers. They imagine scaling up with incoming revenue, rave reviews, and a healthy bottom line.  But what happens when your award-winning goods aren’t paid for by the clients who receive them?  When your sent […]

How to Get a Customer to Pay an Invoice in 4 Steps

When selling goods or services on credit (paid in full after delivery of product), it is important to ensure you will receive payment.  If you need help getting customers to pay their bills, follow these 4 simple steps below. These front end steps increase the likelihood of payment on the back end after the terms […]